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GENERAL PURPOSE FLEXIBLE HOSES - ork-flex. General purpose flexible hoses Accessories Special models High-pressure models Joints Dimensions Type HC (equivalent to HASTELLOY C-22) Special materials 3 4 Type HC flexible hoses are made of nickel alloy (equivalent to HASTELLOY C-22).

5000L 5m3 intelligent asphalt distributor truck Asphalt ...

China Asphalt Distributor manufacturer, Bitumen Sprayer . Binder Construction Equipment Co., Limited is a comprehensive supplier for road construction and maintenance equipment, road materials and construction project plans.

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Asphalt Paver - Tracked | Construction Equipment- asphalt paver machine specification ,Asphalt pavers place hot-mix asphalt and range in size from those that work on golf-cart paths, to those working on interstate highways Material received in a front hopper is moved rearward by gravity or by conveyors, and augers spread material in front of the screed, a smooth steel plate that sets the ...

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Colas East Africa Ltd Yellow Pages Kenya Ltd. Suppliers of Quality Polymer Modified Bitumen Products In Kenya. 05 Aug, 2016 12:36 PM. Pavements designed and constructed for heavyduty traffic and extreme weather conditions require a constructed road that is made of quality Polymer Modified Bitumen, which we, Colas East Africa Ltd., supply.



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